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12 November 2012

A protocol agreement was signed between Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd and the Department of the Public Health of the Republic of Belarus for co-operation and production of pharmaceuticals. Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail V. Myasnikovich, Gennady Godovalnikov, Deputy Minister, Director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Industry, Ministry of Health, Republic of Belarus, AMA Muhith, Finance Minister of the People\'s Republic of Bangladesh, Abdul Muktadir, Managing Director of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd and high officials of both countries were present in this occasion.

18 January 2012

The first ever Human Vaccine manufacturing plant of Incepta Vaccine Ltd was officially inaugurated by the Honorable Health & Family Welfare Minister Prof. Dr. A. F. M. Ruhal Haque MP. Honorable Senior Secretary of Health & Family Welfare Ministry Md. Humayun Kabir, National Professor M. R. Khan, Director General of Drug Administration Major General Md. Abul Kalam Azad, Additional Director General of Directorate General of Health Services Prof. Dr. A.F.M. Saiful Islam and Director of Primary Health Care and Line Director of MNC & AH Dr. Syed Abu Jafar Md. Musa were present in the inauguration program as special guests. Abdul Muktadir, Managing Director of Incepta Vaccine Ltd, Mrs. Hasneen Muktadir, Director, Planning & Commercial, Director Jahiruddin Mahmud, Abdul Mukit Majumdar, Abdur Rashid Majumdar, Mahbubul Karim, Director, Technical Operations and other senior officials of Incepta were also present in the program.

In his speech, honorable Minister of Health & Family Welfare Prof. Dr. A. F. M. Ruhal Haque said “I am appreciating such initiative of Incepta Vaccine Ltd. At present our Government needs to spend several hundred crore Taka to import the necessary vaccines for EPI program. But, now we can save huge amount of foreign currency for such initiative of Incepta Vaccine Ltd.” Honorable Minister also visited the newly constructed 3 stored vaccine facilities which consist of 75000 square-feet, animal house which is required to ensure the efficacy of manufactured vaccines and also cold chain system which is important to maintain the efficacy of vaccine. He appreciated much to see such a world class vaccine plant and its facilities.
National Professor M. R. Khan said “Incepta has been supplying medicine of supreme quality from its inception. Their initiative makes a remarkable appreciation to reduce the dependency on foreign medicine.”
Abdul Muktadir, Managing Director of Incepta Vaccine Ltd said “in the near past we had to import essential vaccines from foreign countries. But now we are manufacturing vaccines in our own country. We have constructed a totally new and enormous vaccine plant according to the guidelines of WHO GMP.” He also said “the annual production capacity of our vaccine plant is about 18 crore vials which will not only fulfill the annual demand of EPI program but also provide us the opportunity to export these vaccines in the foreign countries.”
In conclusion, Mr. Muktadir promised to make all these high-tech and life saving vaccines available and affordable for the people of our country and sought overall assistance from the Government of Bangladesh for such endeavor.
Incepta Vaccine Ltd is the first Human vaccine company in Bangladesh, developed with primary objective to provide preventive medicine to vast majority of population at an affordable price. It is a new state of the art facility to manufacture vaccine in Bangladesh for the first time. The facility is fully compliant with WHO GMP guidelines. It has the following unique features:

• Four German filling lines, independent of each other so that four different products can be manufactured simultaneously. Each area has dedicated HVAC system to prevent cross contamination. All the filling area rooms are equipped with terminal HEPA filters, with required air changes so as to create Class A, B, C & D environment, as the requirement of GMP. Each filling line has a sterilizing autoclave and decontamination autoclave. Each line is connected to independent visual inspection and labeling machine so as to prevent the chances of cross contamination
• It has an advanced fully GMP compliant R&D facility which can independently handle several projects simultaneously involving bacteria and virus.
• It has well equipped microbiology and chemical laboratory.
• It also has a large lab animal house covering around 24,000 square feet area which has bio safety level 2 standard lab for testing of various vaccines which involve challenge with infectious organisms.
• It has unique cold chain system to maintain the required temperature in every step of filling to packaging. It has well designed spacious cold rooms to store raw materials and finished products. It has 4 cold rooms of temperature within 2-8 °C and 2 cold rooms of temperature -20 °C to store raw materials and finished products.

Incepta Vaccine Ltd can produce any dose size from 0.1ml to 15 ml, with 4 different products simultaneously and has capacity to fill more than 2,40,000 ampoules and 3,60,000 vials per day. The yearly capacity is 180 million vials and ampoules. To conduct the immunization program of EPI, yearly demand of vaccine is 21 million vials and other than EPI yearly demand is 10 million vials which is increasing day by day. The production capacity of this facility is enough to meet the local demand and export.

Incepta Vaccine Ltd is now manufacturing and marketing Typhoid vaccine (Vaxphoid), Rabies vaccine (Rabix-vc) and Tetanus vaccine (Vexitet). In near future Hepatitis B, Polio, Measles, Rubella, Tetanus antitoxin, Rabies immunoglobulin, Pentavalent and all other necessary vaccines will be manufactured. Incepta Vaccine Ltd is committed to provide all high tech life saving vaccines to the people at affordable price.

13 December 2012

Hepatitis B virus infection is one of the major burdens for Bangladeshi people. More than 10 million people are suffering from hepatitis B virus infection. Moreover, Bangladesh was fully dependent on imported vaccine to prevent this deadly infectious disease. Now Incepta Vaccine Ltd, a sister concern of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd has introduced Hepatitis B vaccine first time in Bangladesh with the brand name of Hepa-B. Hepa-B is available in vial of 0.5 ml for pediatric and 1 ml for adult that can be given intramuscularly.