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News & Events 2007

September 2007

Diabetes is now a major health concern around the world as well as in Bangladesh. Millions of these diabetes patients are now insulin dependent. Incepta introduced Human Insulin (rDNA), Maxsulin for the first time in Bangladesh pharmaceutical market on September 7th 2007. Incepta introduced Insulin at an affordable price maintaining high quality.

June 2007

Incepta introduced Pantoprazole lyophilized injections (Pantonix IV) in the Bangladesh pharmaceutical market on June 6th 2007. Lyophilization technology is used to manufacture products that are sensitive to temperature and moisture. Lyophilization allows for greater stability, solubility and ensures desired therapeutic benefits to the patients. Through this launching Incepta became the first company in Bangladesh to manufacture and market lyophilized products.

06 March 2007

Incepta received registration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs, Ministry of Health of Afghanistan to export products of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in generic name.

March 2007

Bio-tech products are the future trend in Pharma. Understanding the importance of bio-tech products in life science, Incepta focused on introducing these products at an affordable cost maintaining high quality. Through the introduction of Enoxaparin Sodium in the market Incepta became the pioneer in bio-tech product manufacturing in Bangladesh.