Cephalosporin Facility

According to cGMP regulations, dedicated facility for Cephalosporin is required to prevent cross-contamination with other penicillin or non-beta-lactam products. Incepta is the first national company in Bangladesh to build a technologically & structurally advanced Cephalosporin facility in a completely separate building from that of the non beta-lactum.

Some of the high quality cephalosporin brands that are produced by this pioneer facility include:
  • Cefuroxime + Clavulanic Acid – Cefaclav
  • Cefpodoxime + Clavulanic Acid – Duo 5
  • Cefradine – Procef
  • Cefadroxil – Adora
  • Cefuroxime – Kilbac
  • Ceftriaxone – Exephin
  • Cefoxime – Emixef