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News & Events 2011

27 November 2011

Incepta Vaccine Ltd, a sister concern of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd has introduced tetanus vaccine in Bangladesh market with the brand name of Vaxitet. Tetanus vaccine (Vaxitet) will help to save millions of neonates and mother from life threatening tetanus. Vaxitet will be available to patients at affordable price in 0.5 ml ampoule and can be given intramuscularly.

14 November 2011

Incepta Vaccine Ltd, a sister concern of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd has introduced life saving rabies vaccine in Bangladesh market with brand name Rabix-vc. In Bangladesh, more than 2000 people die from rabies every year which is highest in the world. But acute shortage, counterfeit, inadequate availability of imported vaccine, doubt with potency of vaccine due to improper maintenance of cold chain during transportation and high cost are major drawback to prevent this deadly disease. Now Incepta has stepped forward to manufacture high quality and affordable rabies vaccine in Bangladesh market. Rabix-vc is marketed in 1 ml vial which can be given intramuscularly.

25 September 2011

Every year Bangladesh Government has to purchase more than 90 million doses of different vaccines to initiate the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) for children of 0-1 year. In private sector other than EPI, every year more than 30 million doses are required. This quantity is increasing day by day. Huge foreign currency is spent to purchase these vaccines. Since its inception, Incepta is always trying to fill up the therapeutic gap by providing the newer and modern needful medicines. Incepta Vaccine Ltd, a sister concern of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd introduced first vaccine Vaxphoid, a vaccine to prevent typhoid fever which is one of the major causes of childhood death in Bangladesh.

Incepta Vaccine Ltd is the first Human vaccine company in Bangladesh, developed with primary objective to provide preventive medicine to vast majority of population at an affordable price. It is a new state of the art facility to manufacture vaccine in Bangladesh for the first time. The facility is fully compliant with WHO GMP guidelines. It has an advanced fully GMP compliant R&D facility which can independently handle several projects simultaneously involving bacteria and virus. Incepta has well equipped microbiology and chemical laboratory, a large lab animal house covering around 24,000 square feet area which has bio safety level 2 standard for testing of various vaccines.
Incepta has unique cold chain system to maintain the required temperature in every step of filling to packaging. It has well designed spacious several cold rooms to store raw materials and finished products. It has 4 cold rooms of temperature within 2-8 °C and 2 cold rooms of temperature -20 °C to store raw materials and finished products.

In near future, Rabies, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Polio, Measles, Rubella, Tetanus antitoxin, Rabies immunoglobulin, Pentavalent and all other necessary vaccines will be manufactured. Incepta Vaccine Ltd is committed to provide all high tech life saving vaccines to the people of Bangladesh at affordable price.

20 July 2011

UK MHRA, the regulatory authority of England inspected the Zirabo plant of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd in February 2011. Incepta received the GMP approval certificate for its solid dosage form facility on 20th July 2011 for its own formulated products allowing marketing in UK and other European countries.

23 May 2011

A contract manufacturing agreement has been signed between Sanofi-Aventis Bangladesh Limited and Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Under this agreement Incepta shall manufacture and supply Sanofi-Aventis Bangladesh Limited one of its global brands Clexane. An inspection team from Sanofi-Aventis France visited Incepta Pharma in 2010 to audit the prefilled syringe filling facility. After being fully satisfied with the Quality Management System (QMS) of Incepta the agreement was signed.

05 May 2011

Incepta Vaccine Limited, a sister concern of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd received GMP certificate from the Directorate General of Drug Administration, Ministry of Health & Family welfare, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

14 February 2011

Incepta received new license, Incepta Vaccine Ltd, to manufacture vaccine for the first time in Bangladesh.