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Our History

Incepta began its operation with a handful of highly skilled and dedicated professionals guided by an able leadership. Proper strategic planning, technical excellence, swift and timely decisions helped us achieve our objectives leading to much faster growth. Incepta was able to anticipate the need of the market and provide the right product at the right time. High focus on R&D investment from the very beginning made possible the introduction of quality products ahead of its competitors in most cases.

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is now the 2nd largest company of the country and recognized as the fastest growing of the top five manufacturing company in the country. Established in the year 1999, the company has come a long way. Currently the Zirabo and Dhamrai plant consists of several buildings with state of the art technology. Dedicated cephalosporin manufacturing building, a specialized manufacturing building for the production of lyophilized products, insulin and amino acids and newly built liquid and semisolid manufacturing building and large warehouse is also in operation.

Another multipurpose building for housing the Research & Development operation along with the canteen facility is also there. Currently all the products are coming from the plant at Zirabo. The company now produces almost all types of dosage forms covering nearly all therapeutic area.

Incepta now has one of the largest and competent sales force and large distribution network of its own, operated from 21 different locations throughout the country. A most dynamic skilled and dedicated marketing team comprising of pharmacists and doctors are at the core of the marketing operation. These highly skilled professionals play a crucial role in providing the necessary strategic guideline for the promotion of its product.

Chronology of Events:

  • 1998-03
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016

December 16th 1998, the construction of the factory began located at Zirabo, Savar, Dhaka.

August 1999, office operations began.

December 1999, first product was manufactured from Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd’s manufacturing plant.

January 2000, sales began formally.

February 2000, training of the first batch of medical representatives began.

April 2000, with launching of Osartil (Losartan Potassium) the first prescription product of Incepta was launched in the market. The company started off in a new direction.

Several other first ever product like; Celenta (Celecoxib), Rofenta (Rofecoxib) and Omidon (Domperidone) followed the footsteps of Osartil.

A total of 23 new generics with 35 presentations were launched in 2000. 4 of these generics were first ever in Bangladesh.

By the end of 2000 Incepta was ranked 31st company of the country (IMS).

There was massive restructuring throughout the company. Sales, Distribution, Marketing Strategy Department, and Factory; all were reorganized.

A total of 18 new generics with 37 presentations were launched this year. 11 of these generics were first ever in Bangladesh.

By the end of the year 2001, Incepta was ranked 12th company of the country.

In 2002:

A total of 32 new generics with 49 presentations were launched. 14 of these generics were first ever in Bangladesh.

Massive expansion project of the factory was envisioned. New office for the sales and distribution operation was also taking shape.

By the end of the year Incepta was ranked 10th company of the country (IMS).

In 2003:

Incepta kept on introducing innovative and newer molecules to the local market. A total of 32 new generics with 48 presentations were launched. 18 of these generics were first ever in Bangladesh.

The new office (Dhanmondi) for the sales and distribution operation was inaugurated.

By the end of the year Incepta was ranked 8th company of the country (IMS).

A total of 17 new generics with 32 presentations were launched, 6 of these generics were first ever in Bangladesh.

The company ranked the 5th largest company of the country (IMS).

We thrived under challenge and excelled in venturing into unexplored grounds and continued to satisfy our customers. Incepta was audited and accepted as a supplier for UNICEF & UNDP. We started to supply life saving drugs to UNICEF from March, 2005.

A total of 27 new generics with 76 presentations were launched. 12 of these generics were introduced first ever in Bangladesh.

The company was ranked 3rd largest in the country (IMS).

By 2006 Incepta had positioned itself as an innovative research oriented and knowledge based pharmaceutical company specializing in analysis, design and development of new products.

Incepta successfully started overseas marketing operation from May 2006.

A total of 25 new generics with 82 presentations were launched. 9 of these generics were first ever in Bangladesh.

The company maintained the ranking of 3rd largest in the country (IMS).

Incepta pioneered the introduction of biotech products (Human Insulin) and lyophilized products (Pantoprazole injection) in the Bangladesh pharmaceutical market. This was the first time for a local pharmaceutical company to produce such highly sophisticated technology product in the country.

A total of 32 new generics with 82 presentations were launched. 4 of these generics were first ever in Bangladesh.

Marketing, Sales, Distribution and Administration departments shifted to the fully owned new office premises in Tejgaon, Dhaka. The international standard head office of Incepta started operation in the new office premises from 1st October, 2007.

A marketing and sales team was setup in Myanmar headed by a country manager from the Marketing Strategy Department to promote 35 products registered with the Myanmar FDA.

Continued investment in our core strength manufacturing plant led to recognition from European authorities and on January 11, 2008 Incepta attained European "Certificate of GMP Compliance".

40 new products with 86 presentations were introduced of which 10 were first ever in Bangladesh.

Incepta Zirabo plant received GMP certification (General formulations and Cephalosporins) from Kenyan Ministry of Health on January 21, 2008.

Incepta was also awarded GMP (Cephalosporins) from Ethiopian Ministry of Health on July 22, 2008.

Incepta registered 51 products in Mongolia on September 26, 2008 (As first Bangladeshi Company).

Incepta registered 3 products in Georgia on October 13, 2008 (As first Bangladeshi Company).

In 2008 significant number of products got registration in overseas countries. 19 products from Democratic Republic of Congo, 20 products from Sri Lanka, 22 products from Togo, 8 products from Hong Kong, 20 products from Mauritania, 6 products from Vietnam and 1 product in Cambodia.

The company became the 2nd largest (IMS) among the companies operating in Bangladesh.

Incepta started venturing in the field of human vaccines and hormonal products. Construction of the Vaccine & Hormones facilities started on 1st January 2009 and 8th November 2009 respectively.

Incepta became the first Bangladeshi Company to get GMP Compliance Certificate from Turkey (Tablets, Capsules and Lyophilized products) on January 08, 2009.

Incepta achieved GMP certification from the Ministry of Health, Yemen on May 25, 2009 (Sterile and Non-sterile products).

Incepta launched 51 new products in 2009, 4 of these were first ever in Bangladesh pharmaceutical market.

The company maintained the 2nd largest (IMS) position in 2009.

Incepta was accepted and became enlisted with the Copenhagen office of UNICEF, UNDP and UNESCO as global supplier of medicine.

Incepta was awarded GMP certificate from Uganda, National Drug Authority on 5th August 2010 (Sterile Products, Non-sterile products and Cephalosporins).

Incepta launched 56 product presentations, 10 of which were first ever in Bangladesh market.

Incepta introduced Human Vaccines to the market and become the first Bangladeshi vaccine manufacturing company.

Export was emerged as a focus area for Incepta. With over 300 products registered in different countries export played an important role in the growth of the company. The company started to export 37 countries of the world.

Since starting supply of medicine to UNICEF in Bangladesh, Incepta has remained the largest supplier till today.

In 2011 the company launched 55 products, 9 of which were first ever in Bangladesh market.

In 2012 the company launched 52 products, 7 of which were first ever in Bangladesh market.

In 2013 the company launched 40 products, 7 of which were first ever in Bangladesh market.

In February 2014, Incepta Hygine & Hospicare Ltd, a sister concern of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd launched the most advanced baby diaper with the brand name NeoCare.

In 2014, the company has launched 22 products, 3 of which were first ever in Bangladesh.

The company launched Animal Health products in March 2015. A fully dedicated plant was engaged for Animal Health products manufacturing.

The company was under focus of global media after launching of Hopetavir (1st generic Sofosbuvir of the world), a life-saving anti-viral drug used to treat Chronic Hepatitis-C infection in adults.

In 2015, the company launched 36 products, 5 of which were first ever in Bangladesh.

The company inaugurated bulk manufacturing facility of human vaccine at Zirabo Vaccine plant.

In 2016, Incepta launched most advanced pharmaceutical product monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with the brand name Relyto (Rituximab), Denosis (Denosumab) and Advixa (Adalimumab). These products received overwhelming positive feedback from doctor’s community.

In 2016, our Chairman & Managing Director received export trophy (for the fiscal year 2013-2014) from Sheikh Hasina, the Hon'ble Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

In 2016, the company launched 41 products, 11 of which were first ever in Bangladesh.

Our Growth In Comparison With Local Pharma Market (IMS* Data)

From the very beginning Incepta has focused on launching newer and innovative products. High investment in R&D and advanced technology has allowed the company to launch 429 generics with 783 presentations, 158 of which were introduced “first time in Bangladesh”. Incepta and its sister concerns are now manufacturing Human vaccines, Monoclonal antibodies, Biotech products, Hormones, Natural products, Animal health products, Hygiene products and Hospital devices in wide range of dosage forms. Acceptance of these high quality products led to the company caring 2nd position among Pharma companies within 8 years of starting operation.

YearNo. of ProductsFirst Ever ProductIMS Rank*

* Intercontinental Marketing Services (IMS)