Diorin(Diosmin and Hesperidin)

Therapeutic Group: Gastro Intestinal Disorders


Diorin : Each tablet contains Diosmin (Micronized) BP 450 mg & Hesperidin BP 50 mg.


The drug acts on the venous system by reducing the venous dilatation and stasis. It improves the micro-circulation by normalizing the capillary permeability and reinforcing the capillary resistance.


It is indicated in the treatment of venous disease, ie. chronic venous disaese & hemorrhoidal disease.

Dosage & Administration

1. Chronic venous disaese: 2 tablets daily
2. Hemorrhoidal disease:
Hemorrhoidal attacks: 6 tablets daily for 4 days followed by 4 tablets daily for 3 days. Chronic hemorrhoids: 2 tablets daily.

Side Effects

Possible side-effects to be observed: cutaneous allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, headaches and flushes.


No special precautions are associated with the use of the drug.

Use in Pregnancy & Lactation

Pregnancy: There were no teratogenic observations in human studies. It is, however, recommended that it should not be administered during the first three months of pregnancy.
Lactation: In the absence of data concerning the diffusion of the drug substance in the breast milk, breast feeding is not recommended during treatment.

Over Dose

No overdosage symptoms have been observed.

Commercial Pack

Diorin : Each box contains 3 blister strips of 10 tablets.