Askorel(Butamirate Citrate)

Therapeutic Group: Respiratory


Askorel Syrup: Each 5 ml syrup contains Butamirate Citrate INN 7.5 mg.


Butamirate Citrate belongs to the anti-cough medicines of central action. It exerts expectorant, moderate bronchodilating and anti-inflammatory action. Butamirate Citrate also increases the spirometery indexes and blood oxygenation. It is safe and non-sedating which is neither chemically nor pharmacologically related to opium alkaloids. The active metabolites of Butamirate Citrate have also antitussive action.


Askorel is indicated in acute cough of any etiology, suppression of pre-& post-operative cough in surgery & bronchoscopy and suppression of whooping cough.

Dosage & Administration

Children 3-5 years of age: 7.5 ml three times daily.
≥ 6 years and adults: 15 ml three times daily.

Side Effects

Tolerance of Butamirate Citrate is good. Adverse reactions such as rash, nausea, diarrhea and vertigo have been observed in a few rare cases, resolving after dose reduction or treatment withdrawal.


Not applicable

Use in Pregnancy & Lactation

Butamirate Citrate should not be used during the first trimester of pregnancy. During the remainder of pregnancy, it can be used if indicated by a physician but with caution. As a general rule, for safety reasons, in the absence of data on elimination of the active substance in breast milk, the benefits of Butamirate Citrate administration during breast feeding should be carefully weighed against the risks.