Azecol(Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Lutein, Zinc & Copper)

Therapeutic Group: Ophthalmic


Each capsule contains:

- Vitamin E 30 mg.

- Vitamin C 60 mg.

- Lutein 6 mg.

- Zinc 15 mg.

- Copper 2 mg.


Azecol is a special preparation of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Lutein, Zinc & Copper.


Primary use: Eye health.

Secondary uses: Antioxidant, Immune system support.

Dosage & Administration

One capsule daily. In more severe cases, 2 capsules a day may be required or as directed by the physician.

Side Effects

Generally well tolerated. However, a few allergic reactions may be seen. Diarrhea and other gastrointestinal disturbances may occur.


Caution should be taken during the concomitant use of anticoagulant.

Use in Pregnancy & Lactation


Drug Interaction

No such drug interactions have been reported.


Store in a dry place below 25° C. Protect from light.

Commercial Pack

Each box contains 7 Alu-Alu blister strips of 4 capsules.