Proviten Silver(Multivitamin and multimineral)

Therapeutic Group: Vitamins and Minerals


Each film-coated tablet contains-Vitamin A 5000 IU,Vitamin C 60 mg, Vitamin D 400 IU,Vitamin E 45 IU, Vitamin K 10 mcg,Thiamine 1.5 mg, Riboflavin 1.7 mg,Niacin 20 mg,Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 3 mg,Folic acid 400 mcg,Cyanocobalamin 25 mcg,Biotin 30 mcg,Pantothenic Acid 10 mg, Calcium 200 mg, Phosphorous 48 mg,Iodine 150 mcg, Magnesium 100 mg,Zinc 15 mg, Selenium 20 mcg,Copper (as Copper Lysinate) 2 mg, Manganese(as Manganese Glycinate)2mg, Chromium 150 mcg, Molybdenum 75 mcg, Chloride 72 mg, Potassium 80mg, Boron 150mcg, Nickel 5mcg, Silicon 2mg, Vanadium 10mcg,Lutein 250 mcg.


Proviten Silver is a comprehensive well-balanced multivitamin and multimineral preparation scientifically adjusted and designed to serve as the complete nutritional program for the elderly people. This preparation maintains a healthy body and active lifestyle and keeps proper nutrition covered for elderly people.


Proviten Silver is indicated for the prevention and treatment of vitamin & mineral deficiencies of the elderly people. As a complete daily nutritional supplement, Proviten Silver is also indicated to meet the increased demands for vitamins and minerals in the conditions like- physical & emotional stress, chronic diseases, Alzheimer\\\'s disease, age-related vision disorders, infection illness, osteoporosis, injuries or wounds, surgery, poor digestion, poor appetite, exposure to air/water pollution, exposure to radiation, etc.

Dosage & Administration

One tablet daily or as recommended by the physician.

Side Effects

Generally well tolerated. Precautions: Folic acid in doses above 0.1 mg daily may obscure pernicious anemia in that hematological remission can occur while neurological manifestations remain progressive.

Use in Pregnancy & Lactation

Consultation with the physician is recommended before use of Proviten Silver in pregnancy and lactation.